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Luzon Park?

Here's a little something we noticed on our way through downtown Tacoma this morning: a new look for the site where the Luzon building once stood.

The corner lot at 13th and Pacific has new plantings and a spiffy new coat of "beauty bark." It's not quite a park, but it's certainly a more polished

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2 New Innovative Schools Proposals for Tacoma

Tacoma students could have a couple new and innovative options if the school district adopts two proposals.

The two proposals have a different focus: one would focus on teaching active, healthy lifestyles for students in middle and high school, while the other would be similar to how SAMI and SOTA

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Tacoma City Council Meeting - May 19, 2015

Mayor Strickland, Councilmember Walker, and Councilmember Lonergan were absent from this week’s meeting, leaving Deputy Mayor Boe in the driver’s seat.



Resolution No. 39195 A resolution setting Thursday, July 2, 2015, at 9:00 a.m., as the date for a hearing by the

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Help Restore “The Eyes of the Totem”

At one time Tacoma was home to one of the biggest movie studios in the country. Now, thanks to the hard work and persistence of Tacoma's Historic Preservation Office, you have the chance to be a part of bringing a bit of that history back to life.

The time was the roaring 20s, and the films were

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Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of May 19, 2015

Lincoln District Revitalization

At this week's study session staff will provide an update on the Lincoln District Revitalization Project, to include a summary of the progress, updates on the streetscape project and "the search for a new retail space." We're not sure what that last phrase means,

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Proctor Building Boom of 2008, Seven Years Late…

There are no specifics yet, but it is confirmed that the partners behind the Proctor Station mixed use development currently under construction in Tacoma's Proctor neighborhood have a second development planned just down the street.

The new project, planned for the 2500 block of Proctor across

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(Re)Defining Tacoma?

We're hearing what feels like a growing conversation around the question of Tacoma's identity. Or maybe it's a question of Tacoma's brand...

A couple years ago we saw the introduction of the #FearlessExploration branding, which has a new iteration in the "Find yourself in Tacoma" campaign. Then

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Tacoma City Council Meeting - May 12, 2015

A resolution was added to the agenda increasing the number of Tacoma Minimum Wage Task Force members from 13 to 15, and adding two alternates, and listing the appointed members.



Ordinance No. 28299 An ordinance approving and

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Bike Repair and Safety Checks at UWT

Prairie Line Trail at the UWT Stairs May 27, 2015 at 11:00 am

UWT On the Go wants to see you pedaling during Bike Month. They are bringing Defiance Bicycles to campus throughout the month to offer free bicycle safety checks and basic repair services at their mobile repair booth on the Prairie Line Trail near Metro Coffee.

This event is open to the public and

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Bike Train: Downtown to King’s Books

May 27, 2015 at 5:30 pm

Join Cindy from the Downtown On the Go Bike Committee to celebrate the Year of the Bike with a group ride out of downtown Tacoma. We will meet at 11th and Pacific Ave and ride through the North End neighborhood.
The ride will end at King’s Books for a bike helmet decoration event:The Cartoonist

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From Rails to Sails to Trails

The Knights of Pythias Commencement Lodge No. 7 May 27, 2015 at 7:00 pm

​In celebration of May being Historic Preservation Month in the City of Tacoma - and given the City’s recent purchase of the remaining Right-of-Way along the Trail at Pacific Avenue - The Knights of Pythias Commencement Lodge No. 7 is hosting a lecture Evening on the Planning History of Tacoma.

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CLAW Bike Helmet Draw

King's Books May 27, 2015 at 7:30 pm

This month, the Cartoonist’s League of Absurd Washingtonians has a sponsor for their monthly Open Swim! In celebration of Bike Month and the Year of the Bike, Downtown On The Go will be providing ten blank white bike helmets for drawing and decorating! The adorned helmets will then become a

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#MarysPlaceMoms Diaper Drive + Car Seat Check

Chaplins Bellevue Volkswagen May 28, 2015 at 4:00 pm

​#MarysPlaceMoms Diaper Drive & Car Seat Safety Check sponsored by MOViN 92.5,Chaplins Bellevue Volkswagen & Diono to help support Mary’s Place inSeattle, Washington. We are collecting diaper donations (sixes 4,5 & 6 needed most!) and offering complimentary car seat checks.

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Point Defiance Park Master Plan Open House

Point Defiance Pagoda May 28, 2015 at 5:00 pm

Metro Parks Tacoma planners invite citizens to attend an open house to look over the draft update to the Point Defiance Park Master Plan and talk with project managers. Drawings and maps will be on display. The open house comes toward the end of a process that began several years ago and which

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Great Pacific, Vol. 1: Trashed! discussion at Destiny City Comics

Destiny City Comics May 28, 2015 at 7:00 pm
In May, on the fourth Thursday of the month we’ll discuss Great Pacific, Vol. 1: Trashed! by Joe Harris (X-Files: Season 10, Slingers) and Martín Morazzo (The Network, Vertigo Quarterly). Review on Forbidden Planet:
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Bike Repair and Safety Checks at UWT

Prairie Line Trail at the UWT Stairs May 29, 2015 at 11:00 am

UWT On the Go wants to see you pedaling during Bike Month. They are bringing Defiance Bicycles to campus throughout the month to offer free bicycle safety checks and basic repair services at their mobile repair booth on the Prairie Line Trail near Metro Coffee. This event is open to the public from

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Cops must now get a warrant to use stingrays in Washington state

Ars Technica 0 Comments

Last year it became public that Tacoma Police, along with other departments in the area and across the country had been using technology known as "cell site simulators" to intercept cell phone information from criminal suspects.

The thing was, the technology (the most common brand goes by the name Stingray) also indiscriminately captured information from innocent bystanders, and the police were more than a little secretive about how the technology worked, and what happened to that information.

In November Pierce County placed stronger requirements on the use of the devices, an now Washington State lawmakers have passed a law requiring police not only to have a warrant specifically for each instance in which they choose to use the technology, but that they must be far more explicit about how it will be used. Washington isn't the first state to crack down on the devices, but it may be the most stringent. 

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Monday pivotal for new Pierce County building

The News Tribune 0 Comments

Today a judge will hear arguments on the legality (or illegality) of the referendum on the contentious project to build the new Pierce County General Services Building in Tacoma's Lincoln District.

The judge is visiting from Kitsap County to avoid a conflict for Pierce County Judges. If the referendum is found legal, that means Gig Harbor resident Jerry Gibbs and friends can go back to gathering the more than 24,000 signatures he needs to put it on the November ballot. That would also mean a halt to progress on the County's project until after November.

The judge could also find the referendum illegal, defining the new building project as an "administrative" decision, and thus not subject to referrendum. If this happens it would die there, and plans could move ahead on the new building. That said, Pierce County voters will still get to cast an advisory vote in November on whether or not they support the building project - but that vote would not have any binding weight.

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Seattle’s economic boom stronger than Tacoma’s

Seattle Times 3 Comments

We've been seeing quite a few comparisons betwween Seattle and Tacoma in the news in recent weeks and months.

The latest piece that seems to have everyone's attention this week, comes from the Seattle Times' John Talton, who traces some pretty depressing statistics about Tacoma's economy: employment numbers, foreclosure rates, educational attainment... The list comparing Tacoma to Seattle goes on for a while before getting to the question of whether there's any hope for the smaller of the two cities.

The tantalizing question is whether affordable Tacoma could become Oakland to Seattle’s San Francisco. 

Talton hangs Tacoma's hope for turning around these troubling statistics on whether or not what he calls "a 1970 transportation system dependent on a clogged Interstate 5" can be fixed, connecting it to the growth going on elsewhere in the region... Does anyone else feel a bit lonely reading this?

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New housing trend has Seattleites moving to Tacoma

Kiro 7 4 Comments

There's a growing buzz of conversation around the trend of Seattleites moving to Tacoma to get more bang for their real estate dollar. We wrote about it after the Urban Studies forum in the context of looking for a balance between jobs and housing and again when the Seattle Times looked at net domestic migration trends from the census.

The latest addition to the conversation comes from Tacoma real estate agent Marguerite Giguere, talking about the trend that's got her "running around with her hair on fire," and comparing Seattle and Tacoma neighborhoods to show just how much more bang for the buck you can get here.

It seems clear that the trend is real, but just how long it will last, or what it will do for Tacoma is less clear. Are you ready to ride the wave and see where it takes us?

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New Downtown Tacoma User Research Lab at Forefront of Web Industry

Tacoma, WA - May 26, 2015 - GearLab, in partnership with digital agency SiteCrafting, Inc., has opened a user research and usability testing lab in Tacoma’s Dome District. The lab is the first of its

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SiteCrafting Repurposes Warehouse Space for Digital Agency in Downtown Tacoma

Tacoma, WA - May 19, 2015 - SiteCrafting, Inc., the largest web design and development agency between Seattle and Portland, has retrofitted the Bowstring Building in Tacoma’s Dome District at 2716 A

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Two week ramp closure in Tacoma begins May 30

Following Memorial Day, crews have scheduled a series of ramp and lane closures to continue progress on two Interstate 5 HOV projects in the Tacoma area. 

The closures include an upcoming two-week

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City of Tacoma Observes Memorial Day on May 25

Administrative offices in the Tacoma Municipal Building complex (747 Market St. and 733 Market St.) and in other City of Tacoma facilities will close on Monday, May 25, in observance of Memorial Day. Read more

Public Art Walking Tour in Downtown on June 3

Enjoy a free, guided Public Art Walk in downtown Tacoma on Wednesday, June 3 from Noon- 1 p.m. The 1.5 mile walk, sponsored by Spaceworks Tacoma, will be led by Public Art Specialist Rebecca

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