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Tacoma City Council Meeting - September 1, 2015



Resolution No. 39263 A resolution setting Tuesday, September 29, 2015, at approximately 5:30 p.m., as the date for a public hearing by the City Council on proposed amendments to the Municipal Code relating to live/work and work/live units.



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Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of September 1, 2015


This week the Tacoma City Council and the Tacoma Public Utility Board will hold a joint study session to continue discussion of the recommendation to enter into a public/private partnership with Wave Broadband to operate the Click! Network. While this conversation is going on, local

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Is It Time for the Return of Mount Tahoma

As you may have heard over the weekend President Obama announced that Mount McKinley in Alaska will be officially changing back to its native name, Denali.

With this out-of-state news about Alaska's biggest peak, we can't help but think about Washington's biggest peak...

While the President is in

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Tacoma ISPs Rainier Connect & Net Venture Join Forces

Local internet service providers Rainier Connect and Net Venture have announced a joint operating agreement that will put both Tacoma-based companies under one roof.

The agreement comes as the City of Tacoma looka at whether to sign an operating agreement for the publicly-owned Click! Network to

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This Weekend: I Hope They Bring a Taco Truck!

Now you are probably asking yourself, what the hell does he mean with that title? Well, before I give away the secret, I want to say that this weekend could be a relaxing one, or one for the books. What I mean by this is I am supplying you with four very fun activities – two requiring to you be

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Tacoma Police to Community: We Need to Talk

The City of Tacoma, the Tacoma Police Department, and community leaders are inviting the community to start a conversation about how the department can improve and strengthen its relationship with the community.

Project PEACE, the new initiative from the City, launches with a series of community

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Tacoma City Council Meeting - August 25, 2015

It was a quick meeting this week - over and done in 15 minutes. Perhaps just the right length for our collective summer vacation attention spans...



Ordinance No. 28239 An ordinance vacating a portion of South 49th Street lying between South Wilkeson

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Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of August 25, 2015

Innovative Grants Program

Tacoma's Neighborhood Small Innovative Grant program, put on hold during the tight 2013-2014 budget cycle, returned for the current biennium. The break allowed staff to address a backlog of 86 projects, and to identify program improvements based on priorities and findings

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Try The Bus with Rep. Kilmer

Meet at 11th/Pacific September 4, 2015 at 12:00 pm

Let’s talk transit - on transit! Meet at 11th & Pacific and we’ll take a one-hour bus ride loop with Rep.Derek Kilmer. We’ve got your ORCA card, you’ll learn how to read the bus book, and have a chance to hear from, and ask questions of, Rep. Kilmer. RSVP to info@downtownonthego.org.

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Jewelry Making - Basic Skills: Soldering Wire Jewelry

Tacoma Metal Arts Center September 5, 2015 at 10:00 am

Whether you need a little coaching or are brand new to soldering, Jennifer will help demystify the process. In this one day intro to jewelry techniques, you will learn how to construct jewelry from wire. Make rings, bangles, and chain bracelets and necklaces from wire different gauges of copper,

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Rollin’ 253 Summer Day Camp

Rollin' 253 Skate & Community Center June 8, 2015 at 7:30 am

Rollin’ 253 begins the 13 week long summer camp today. Campers can enjoy roller sports, dance competitions, arts & crafts & more. Daily & weekly rates available. Drop in’s are welcome.

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ProtoNext - Meet the Artist @ The Swiss

The Swiss September 10, 2015 at 6:00 pm

Come explore the creative process with Jennifer Chin. ProtoNext is a series of 160 small acrylic paintings based on the principle that each new work is affected by previous ones. Successful compositions continue to morph in and out while others are completely discarded…similar to a game of

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APCC Kimchi Workshop Series 2015: Kimchi Dishes

Asia Pacific Cultural Center September 11, 2015 at 6:00 pm

​Korea is known for its delicious Kimchi. Did you ever wonder how to make this flavorful dish? Come and learn all about it from Kimchi Master Joyce Yoo at the Korean Kimchi Workshop. At the end of each class you will make your own jar of Kimchi to take home!


  • $30 for 1 workshop ($25
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South Sound END AIDS Walk

Cheney Stadium September 12, 2015 at 9:00 am

It’s been a long walk but the end is in sight. If you’ve walked with us before, it’s time to walk with us again. Walk with us to END AIDS in Washington. It’s the best finish line ever! The South Sound END AIDS Walk is PCAF’s largest event of the year. By registering and fundraising for this event,

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Tacoma Scavenger Hunt, Live Event

B Sharp Coffee House September 12, 2015 at 1:00 pm

Compete with other teams and explore urban art and historical buildings as you wander through Antique Row, Opera Alley, Theater District, and Wright Park playing this fun and interactive Scavenger Hunt game on your phone. Be a Geeky Guru and find answers to trivia questions and strike a pose in the

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High Five! Spaceworks’ Community Celebration

People's Park September 12, 2015 at 4:00 pm

Spaceworks is celebrating its fifth anniversary, and we want you to get in on the fun because we couldn’t transform this city without you!

Join us for a free party at People’s Park and area MLK businesses. (To get the latest party updates, join this event.) Here’s the event breakdown:


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Will New “Respect” Strategy Improve Police-Community Relations?

Next City 0 Comments

Starting tomorrow the Tacoma Police Department will host a series of conversations with the community as part of Project PEACE, a new initiative to intentionally improve police-community relations.

Elsewhere in the country new strategies are being tried as well, including an interesting one reported on by Next City. The approach, called RespectStat, takes an evidence-based approach that tries to quantify public sentiment toward the police. The program, based on the popular, but also controversial CompStat, surveys citizens to generate statistics on community experiences with police by hour, shift, or police unit, with the goal of identifying when and where negative attitudes are generated.

Tacoma Police will be working to build a relationship of trust and respect with the community. They're starting with talking. Would some sort of quantitative measure of community attitudes help build that relationship?

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Affordable Housing’s Forever Solution

Next City 0 Comments

The City of Tacoma is looking at land use strategies and other policies to encourage infill development and increase availability of affordable housing. 

Tacoma isn't the only city trying to address these issues, and a recent article from Next City looks at a different kind of solution the residents of one Boston neighborhood tried. The Dudley Neighbors Incorporated community land trust protects affordable housing for both renters and homeowners within its 62 acres.

Community land trusts exist in a variety of forms. The general idea is that a nonprofit; usually made up of community members, residents of the land trust, and sometimes political representatives; acquires the land to be used based on the needs of the neighborhood residents - in this case, to create a pocket of permanently affordable housing.

In light of back-and-forths going on right now over what Tacoma can (or should) do to support affordable housing, it's an interesting outside-the-box kind of solution to defending affordable housing.

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25 things to know as University of Washington Tacoma turns 25

The News Tribune 0 Comments

This year the University of Washington Tacoma celebrates its 25th anniversary. 25 years ago the doors opened to the first (tiny) class of UWT students, and set in motion big changes for downtown Tacoma.

25 years later the University has graduated thousands of students, renovated almost all of its historic buildings, and built a few new ones. Its plans for continued expansion of both the student body and the activated spaces within the campus footprint over the next 25 years are no less ambitious.

The News Tribune recently published a list of 25 things to know about UW Tacoma. There are a lot of interesting facts in there, particularly some details about the history of how the university came to be. Maybe even more interesting are the possibilities for the university to leverage its research and community partnerships to continue to lift Tacoma and the surrounding region for decades to come.

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Pierce County Council, mental health system both broken

The News Tribune 0 Comments

Pierce County's mental health system is in bad shape. Stories of people in need of help facing long waits, or unable to get the care they need are not uncommon.

Exactly how bad things are, though, that we won't know. At least not any time soon, thanks to the dysfunction of another branch of the County government. This week the Pierce County Council voted down a proposal brought forward by two of its members, Derek Young and Connie Ladenburg, which would have funded a study to show exactly where and how the system falls short, and how much money is being wasted by using County jails in the place of actual mental health services.

Matt Driscoll at The News Tribune takes a critical look at what went wrong with this particular issue in the context of the bigger picture of the dysfunctional dynamics of the current Pierce County Council, which he expects to see continue on other issues. Meanwhile, some of the county's most vulnerable residents continue to go without the services that could help them.

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City of Tacoma Observes Labor Day on Sept. 7

Administrative offices in the Tacoma Municipal Building complex (747 Market St. and 733 Market St.) and in other City of Tacoma facilities will close Monday, Sept. 7, in observance of Labor Day.


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Night closures scheduled for East 28th Street through early September

Crews are busy with an effort to install water lines and roadway drainage, and to repave East 28th Street in Tacoma.

The work will require East 28th Street to be closed to all traffic between

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Meadow Park Golf Course hosts second annual Tacoma Open Sept. 11-13

Golfers seeking a challenge are sure to find it at the Tacoma Open golf tournament at Metro Parks’ Meadow Park Golf Course from Sept. 11 to 13. 

It’s a chance for amateurs to experience a

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Give Comment on the Mason Gulch Management Plan

The public is invited to give comment the creation of a natural resource management plan for Mason Gulch. The City of Tacoma is asking for feedback on the various areas that are being considered

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Residents Invited to Attend the 3rd Annual Downtown to Defiance Event on September 13

On Sunday, Sept. 13, South Sound residents will gather to experience walking, running, biking, and rolling along the Tacoma waterfront, free of vehicle traffic. For the third year in a row, the City

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