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Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of August 4, 2015

Root Cause of Health in Tacoma & Pierce County

At this Tuesday's Tacoma City Council study session staff from the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department will give a presentation on the current state of health for Pierce County residents at the request of Board of Health Chair,

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Real Art Tacoma: Bringing All-Ages Music to Tacoma

Here's something interesting to keep an eye on in South Tacoma: a group of community members has come together to open an all-ages music venue on South Tacoma Way.

A couple weeks ago a group gathered to discuss ideas for the venue.

Community members ... were invited to share ideas for the future

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Old Spaghetti Factory is Moving

We've been hearing from little birds for a while now that the Old Spaghetti Factory on the UW Tacoma campus would be moving. Now it looks like it's official - the Italian-ish restaurant, which has been the site of family dinners and memories for much of Tacoma and the surrounding area for the last

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What’s Fun in Tacoma This Weekend?

Tacoma Local Events for July 30th – August 2nd

I would like to start off by introducing myself - my name is Alan, and I am the newest member to the Exit133 writing team. I will be providing you with events happening each week in our local community. If you want, you can think of me as your event

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YWCA Associate Board Invites you…

We've been hearing a bit of buzz about something new from the YWCA called the 253 Club. This week we're learning a little more... including an opportunity to be there at the kick-off event for the new program.

The YWCA Pierce County started an Associate Board earlier this year focused on getting

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Tacoma City Council Meeting - July 28, 2015


One commenter spoke regarding the Citizen Commission on Elected Salaries, commenting that she was saddened by how late in the game the appointments are being made, given her understanding that there is a September 1 deadline. She asked that the council consider extending the

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Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of July 28, 2015

When we look at the list of important topics up for discussion on deck at the City this week, it sure doesn't feel like summer vacation - Comprehensive Plan updates, citizen-police relations, transportation funding mechanisms... hardly light summer reading...

2015 Comprehensive Plan Update


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How Cute is This Baby Moose?

No, really, it's pretty darn cute. The baby moose, the first to be born at Metro Parks' Northwest Trek Wildlife Park in 15 years, has all the adorableness of Bambi, with the endearing awkwardness of Bullwinkle. Take a moment, watch the video, share it with your co-workers. Monday win...

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Suggest A Story Upcoming Events

American Sign Language for Beginners

BEST Learning Center August 4, 2015 at 10:00 am

The Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) is pleased to announce that we will be offering American Sign Language (ASL) instruction for beginners at the BEST Learning Center in University Place, Washington . In this dynamic eight week course for adults, participants will be introduced to ASL with a

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Brewers Night with Lagunitas at the Parkway

The Parkway Tavern August 4, 2015 at 6:00 pm

We got the fine folks from Lagunitas in the house for this fun filled night of great beer, great raffle prizes and great people!

Join us for all of the fun on this special Tuesday!

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Summer Storytime at the Cabin

Job Carr Cabin Museum August 5, 2015 at 1:00 pm

Does your child enjoy making anything a musical instrument? Will they happily play encore after encore? This week at the Job Carr Cabin may add to the “treble”. Today, kids from 3-8 years old are able to learn about music through American Folk Music and constructing a Popsicle Stick Harmonica. Make

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Walk Tacoma: Scavenger Hunt

TBD August 5, 2015 at 4:30 pm

It’s Walking Wednesday!Join Downtown On the Go for a fun and friendly scavenger hunt!

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The Parkway Tavern Presents - Blind IPA Taste Test Party!

The Parkway Tavern August 5, 2015 at 6:00 pm

What a better way to celebrate Tacoma Beer Week than with a little competition.

Join us, as our local brewer’s compete for the best IPA in town. Tasting goes from 6:00PM-8:00PM with our winner being announced at 9:00PM.

You be the judge!

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The Parkway Tavern Presents - Battle O’Gorge

The Parkway Tavern August 6, 2015 at 6:00 pm

Four Brewers. Lot’s of tasty brews. Two states. One will be crowned a winner.

The Parkway Tavern Presents - Battle O’Gorge featuring

In the blue corner we have Backwoods Brewing Company and Everybody’s Brewing representing our great state of Washington.

In the red corner we have Double

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Breaking Hunger Trap Shooting & Archery Tournament

Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club August 7, 2015 at 9:00 am

Breaking Hunger is a fundraising trap shooting tournament event to benefit Emergency Food Network. Teams of five shooters will make a difference in their community by raising funds to provide for hungry children, adults and seniors in Pierce County.

AM Shift: 9:00AM
PM Shift: 1:00PM

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Friday Forum: Save the Date!

TBD August 7, 2015 at 12:00 pm

Friday Forums are your chance to learn about transportation issues in Tacoma, discuss real issues facing downtown commuters and residents, and hear about new ideas in the transportation world.

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Matt Driscoll: A look at Tacoma’s ‘unmet, brutal need’ for affordable housing

The News Tribune 0 Comments

The need for and supply of affordable housing in Tacoma is a topic that is constantly bobbing up in the public consciousness, or floating just below the surface of many conversations on topics from the minimum wage to proposed amendments related to Tacoma's Comprehensive Plan. 

In an article in the TNT over the weekend, Matt Driscoll takes a look at how Tacoma Housing Authority deals with the tens of thousands of applications for assistance it recieves every year, and how small a small fraction they are able to offer help to.

The way Tacoma handles affordable housing is an explicit topic of discussion right now, with relevant amendments to the Comprehensive Plan working their way through the review process. Tacoma's Planning Commission and City staff have come up with proposals for the public to review at a pair of upcoming info sessions, and to officially weigh in on at a public hearing to be held on August 19.

In light of this, Driscoll's article offers some interesting food for thought as you consider your reaction to proposed changes to what is allowed, encouraged, and limited in Tacoma's neighborhoods.

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Here’s How Much Your City’s Crappy Roads Are Costing You

Wired 3 Comments

According to Wired, of the roads drivers in the San Francisco and Oakland area contend with, 74% are rated "poor," costing them an average of $1,044 per year in additional maintenance and fuel. That's the most of any major metropolitan area in the US, and way above the national average of 28% for major roads. The extra costs come from repairs, increased maintenance and fuel costs, and shortened life-spans for vehicles on these failing roads.

We've read past estimates that the rate of roads in "poor" or "failed" state in Tacoma neighborhoods ranges from 14% in Northeast Tacoma to 55% in the Central and North End neighborhoods. Those numbers are a bit out of date, but the City is in the process of wrapping up a survey of the condition of Tacoma's roads that will give a more current picture. Don't expect it to be any rosier. 

Two propositions that will appear on this November's ballot will give Tacoma voters the chance to decide whether they want to increase utility, property, and sales taxes in the city to pay for improvements to our roads. Estimates are that Tacoma's Prop 3 and Prop 4 would cost the average household under $100 per year. Like so many things, when you compare that to the San Francisco numbers it doesn't sound like so much... maybe?

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Candidates for District 3 council race talk about development in Tacoma

The News Tribune 4 Comments

Lauren Walker, the Tacoma City Councilmember who represents District 3 (central Tacoma), runs into the end of her term limits this year, and will be stepping down from her seat on the council dais.

The race to replace her is one of the more crowded council races we've seen in Tacoma in recent years, with seven names appearing on the primary ballot for District 3 voters to choose from. When the dust settles and the primary votes are counted next month, only two of those names will advance to the November election. The News Tribune's Kate Martin interviewed six of the candidates (Robert Hill, with his multiple convictions and restraining orders, was left out). The question: "How do you think Tacoma should plan for future growth?" 

Whether or not you live in District 3, it's a question worth considering. Martin summarizes the candidate's answers - do you agree with any of them?

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Matt Driscoll: Is fear over a ‘Chamber candidate’ for Tacoma City Council warranted?

The News Tribune 0 Comments

It's not an uncommon sentiment - here in Tacoma, or elsewhere, for that matter - that a politician who makes decisions that please the business community is in their pocket.

It's a simple story to tell - that there are two separate and opposite camps, one pro-business, the other pro-worker, and that politicians and citizens alike can easily be placed on one side or the other of the invisible dividing line.

But are things really that clear-cut? Matt Driscoll asks "Is 'business-owner,' by definition, a partisan position?" And, particularly as we take a probably brief breather from the bruising commentary around the minimum wage, is "business owner" necessarily the opposite of "working people?"

Is it that simple? Does it have to be?

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Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed 2015-2020 Transit Development Plan

Pierce Transit’s draft edition of the 2015 -2020 Transit Development Plan (TDP) has been filed with the Clerk of the Board. A copy will be available for review after August 3, 2015 at

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Night HOV work closes I-5 ramps, lanes in Tacoma

Overnight ramp and lane closures are planned for the week of Aug. 3 on Interstate 5 in Tacoma as crews continue to work on two HOV projects. 

Lane closures 

Drivers can expect overnight single- and

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Charlotte’s Blueberry Park attracts a multitude of berry-hungry pickers

Ripe fruit free for the picking at this Eastside neighborhood park

The prospect of fresh blueberries that are free for the picking turns Charlotte's Blueberry Park into a summer magnet for all kinds

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Win $500 & a Tacoma Staycation at the Travel Tacoma + Pierce County Scavenger Hunt August 13

July 28, 2015—Tacoma, Washington — Travel Tacoma + Pierce County is hosting a downtown Tacoma scavenger hunt on August 13 to promote local downtown businesses and introduce locals to their Tacoma +

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23 Annie Wright students earn International Baccalaureate Diploma

Tacoma, Wash. — Annie Wright  Schools announced today that 23 out of 26 International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma candidates have been awarded the prestigious IB Diploma.

Two students earned

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