1 Week Old Triplet Baby Clouded Leopard Cubs Are Pretty Cute

Three clouded leopard cubs were born at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium eight days ago. They're still under a pound each, and they're being tended to by zookeepers. It's too early to tell their genders at this point, but be looking for an announcement of that, as well as a date for their official public debut, and an opportunity to participate in naming the little furballs.

Clouded leopards are an endangered species, thanks in large part to destruction of their habitat. The forests and trees of Southeast Asia that these cats' wild relatives call home are shrinking as a result of a global demand for palm oil, a product of trees growing in those forests, used in a wide variety of goods from candy to shampoo and body lotion to laundry soap.

When these babies grow up, they will be an important part of the Species Survival Plan that aims to keep their species around and thriving. Tacoma's zoo has been an important part of that work.

For now, we're happy to enjoy the cuteness...

Who can resist cute baby animal pictures? Happy Friday.

To learn more about the clouded leopards - both at the Point Defiance Zoo, and in the wild, and the work Tacoma's zoo and others are doing to save them, read the full press release here.

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Wow, another litter so soon again.  Very cool.  Very cute :-)

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