1120 Spaceworks: A new creative co-working space

Spaceworks Tacoma's latest venture is a new creative co-working space for artists, and creative small businesses and nonprofits. The initial window just closed for applicants to fill the empty commercial building at 1120 Pacific, which you may remember most recently as the Master Builders building. (2-18-2015 Clarification: The Master Builders Association is still alive and well on the 3rd floor.) From the Spaceworks website:

Want to be part of a vibrant community of creators and activate a long vacant building on Pacific Avenue?  We want you!

Spaceworks is taking over 1120 Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma!  We are seeking artists and creative endeavors to co-locate in private and semi-private affordable spaces in the heart of downtown!

Private spaces range from 150-250 sq ft and include 24/7 access, wifi, and Spaceworks marketing and promotion. Common spaces at 1120 include shared kitchen, art sink, bike storage and shower, access to “gallery” space with art made by tenants, as well as a monthly Art Walk event, organized and promoted by Spaceworks.

Spaces on the second floor are move in-ready now. Spaceworks plans to have the space open to the public for its first Third Thursday Art Walk on March 19, and again every Third Thursday after that. Learn more here.

A couple interesting historical notes on the space (according to the Pacific Northwest Room database): the 1970 concrete and brick building you see there now was the first urban renewal building occupied in downtown Tacoma, taking the place of the 1899 building that was home to Peters' Golden Gate Oyster House. The current building was also the first in Tacoma to occupy air rights over the public right of way of Pacific Avenue and its sidewalks.

We're looking forward to seeing the building occupied again.

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