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On Friday we shared a story about local history buff David Burns' quest to restore a 1910 Northern Pacific dining car, and his need for a new home for the car. It turns out Burns' interest in northwest history goes beyond trains.

On his NP Dining Car Facebook page he's also got a really great collection of "Then and Now" photos of Tacoma. Some of the scenes are remarkable for how little they've changed, some for how much they have. The perspectives on most of the after shots are matched quite closely with that of the before shots, making comparison easy. We're sharing a couple of our favorites here, you can see more on the NP Dining Car Facebook page.

Burns also shared the film of a drive around north and downtown Tacoma 100 years ago that we shared last week. If you liked that, you can also look forward to a couple more historic films showing up online sometime soon - we hope.

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