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A Monkeyshines Proposal

Every Monkeyshines discovery is special, but yesterday we witnessed one at Point Defiance Park that went to a whole new level.

A couple out for a trail run at the park stopped to walk near the freshly restored Pagoda. They continued down the path to the overlook perched above the ferry terminal to Vashon Island. He pulled her closer as they looked out over the water. He brought out his phone and took a photo of the boats. He turned it around and they took a selfie. Then he took another selfie. She started to leave the overlook, but he called her back. He looked up. She looked up... and quickly started climbing the rail. 

A Monkeyshine on a ceramic bowl was sitting in the eaves. The girlfriend, now on the rail and holding the stack of Monkeyshines, asked for help so that she didn't drop her prize. He took the ball out of the bowl. She looked down and paused ...

It all started with an email. A local servicemember contacted us asking for help with a little plan. He and his girlfriend moved to Tacoma a year ago and they love this community. They had been hunting for a Monkeyshine for a couple weeks without luck.  She is a Ram - this is her year - and she really wanted one. We contacted Ms. Monkey and it all came together via email, text messages, and a couple glasses of wine at the Art House Cafe. 

Ms. Monkey provided one of this year's prized orbs and a ceramic bowl. We met with the gentleman for the first time Sunday morning. Two hours later we were searching Point Defiance for a good hiding spot. Where could we hide a Monkeyshine where it would be obvious to the right woman, but not to everybody else enjoying the park on this gorgeous day?

We found a spot overlooking the water, hid the treasure, texted a photo of the hiding spot to our trail runner, then tried to act as natural as possible at a nearby park bench as we stretched and warmed up like the many runners passing us. Ms. Monkey took a position just up a short hill.

... Before the the girlfriend was even down from the rail, she threw her arms around him. When she was back on the ground, he dropped to one knee. He took a ring that had been waiting in the cup, and put it on her finger. She may have levitated. She may have let slip a few joyous, incredulous expletives... She definitely said yes, hugged him, and repeatedly, asked, "How did you get an orb?"

Thank you, Ms. Monkey.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

p.s. People are still finding Monkeyshines ... 

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If at first you can’t find a Monkeyshine….

March 2, 2015 at 5:35 pm / Reply / Quote and reply

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What a serendipitous proposal.  It was very kind of Ms. Monkey and the other Monkeys to help out with the something like that.  I wish the couple the best on their new adventure together.

March 13, 2015 at 12:52 pm / Reply / Quote and reply

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