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Good News for Prairie Line Trail

As we move into spring, and weather more conducive to construction work, the Prairie Line Trail is moving forward.

Phase two of construction on the UWT portion of the project is about to start. On Monday excavation begins for the regional water quality treatment facility near 21st Street, followed by work to accomodate footing excavation for retaining walls. The University will try to minimize construction impacts on both the Grand Staircase and Commerce Street, but you may run into closures from time to time as work progresses. The plan is for work to be complete on this section next fall.

And there's good news on the City-owned portion too. After lengthy negotiations with BNSF, the City of Tacoma has finally finalized the agreement to purchase sections of the trail between 21st and 25th, and from 17th north to the Foss. That means that work can move forward for those sections of the trail as well. 

Community members with an interest in the trail are invited to join "The Friends of the Prairie Line Trail" group when it meets next Thursday, April 24, at 4 p.m. in the Tioga Library Building Research Commons (3rd floor atrium). The Friends of PLT group includes individuals with interests including promoting non-motorized transportation, fostering an active downtown Tacoma, and telling the story of the trail - its beginnings and the beginnings of Tacoma, its heyday as a major arterial of commerce and travel, and its intersection with various historic moments in Tacoma's history. There has also been discussion of fostering the various areas along the trail as public gathering places, and sites for public art.

Maybe you find one or more of these ideas intriguing - maybe you have a whole new idea for the trail - maybe you want to join the group and make it happen...

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