A Week of Comings & Goings in Tacoma

It’s been a week of comings and goings of all sorts. Bike month started with perfect biking weather, and bicyclists coming and going every which way.



Coming up: A Gentleman Rides

Bicycle-related events continue throughout May, like this evening’s A Gentleman Rides: Commuter Fashion Show. The men’s fashion show will highlight the evolution of bicycles and menswear over the decades with looks created by Feather and Oar, vintage bikes from the Skid Kings, and models you might know from around town. The 21 and over event will be at the Broken Spoke, tonight at 8 p.m.


Coming up: Bike Commuter Meet-Up

Every Friday thru Bike Month Downtown On the Go will host a 5 p.m. bike commuter meet-up for bike commuters of all experience levels. After a hard day’s work, bike commuters are invited to gather at the Broken Spoke to relax over a beer, swap stories, and share information and tips on what it takes to be a bike commuter in Tacoma. Sorry kids, this one’s 21 and over too.


Going (and Coming…): Chris from 1022 (and Hilltop Kitchen)

Longtime bartender, part-owner, and general face of 1022 South for a lot of us, Chris Keil, has parted ways with his business partners, and will no longer be involved in that lovely little cocktail venture, whether behind the bar, or otherwise. In a letter shared on Post Defiance, Chris explains the ending of his time with 1022.

I’m not going to get into details about what happened Monday morning other than to say that they terminated my position, after which I told them that it would be a good idea to dissolve our business relationship. The majority of my equity in the bar was in a handshake agreement which they told me they had no intention of honoring. When I asked them to buy out the equity that is in writing, they offered a small amount in return for me signing a non-disclosure agreement. I declined the offer, they threatened with having my reputation in the community destroyed, and at that point I promptly left.

Few, if any, business relationships are simple, and we’re sure this was no exception, but we were surprised and disappointed to hear that Chris would be leaving. There is good news, however, for fans of Chris and the magic he works with a cocktail shaker and quality ingredients; Chris will be undertaking a whole new venture in the same neck of the woods. The TNT recently shared a preview of the Hilltop Kitchen, which will feature apothecary-style drinks, similar to what you’ve come to expect from 1022, in the space recently vacated by Tempest. Hilltop Kitchen “should be open in about a month or so.” We’re looking forward to it.


Going: Grassi’s

The long-time Pacific Avenue cafe and shop closed last weekend, but owner Ken Grassi has plans to re-open either in the North End or University Place this summer. Read more from The News Tribune. Grassi’s has been there so long, it’s hard to imagine anything else there, but with the shop closed, we’re starting to imagine new potential uses of that unique space…


Going: The Volcano

The Weekly Volcano surprised us this week when publisher Ron Swarner posted an open letter explaining that the weekly alternative paper and its website would become a part of the Ranger and Northwest Airlifter due to diminishing revenue. You will be able to continue to find South Sound music, culture, restaurant, and theater reviews and calendars at the Volcano’s sister site, _northwestmilitary.com and as a supplement in the above print papers.

… By every measure not related to advertising sales, the Weekly Volcano has been a success. Unlike many newspapers and magazines, we didn’t suffer from declining readership, online or in print — only declining revenue. But in the end the money is what matters, it pays for the news department, fancy special sections, expansive arts coverage, marketing, daily happy hour in our fifth floor lounge and, sadly, this website and its blogs. … To all of you who supported us over the years by picking up our feisty alt rag or read us online, who shared our work or shouted at it: we can never thank you enough.

A couple other comings of interest: the Harmon Hub may be coming to the Narrows Airport, and DOA has a new chef.

Okay, that’s it, now go enjoy your weekend.

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Driving downtown yesterday, it looked like something is going in on the ground floor of the building directly across from Encore nightclub.  Windows were papered over and it looks like some construction is going on in there. 

Anyone know anything?

May 3, 2013 at 8:27 am / Reply / Quote and reply

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A bank is going in.

May 3, 2013 at 9:09 am / Reply / Quote and reply

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Oh good.  That spot has been vacant forever.  It’s nice to see such a great location finally be occupied.

May 3, 2013 at 10:09 am / Reply / Quote and reply

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