An Arts Lover’s Guide to Tacoma Holiday Happenings

The days and weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's are full of parties and events and commitments and to-do lists... It can get pretty hectic.

But if you're looking for one more event, or maybe a gift, or maybe something to do with that out-of-town relative, The Broadway Center and Museum of Glass have shared a useful little guide to the holidays centered around the arts and culture in Tacoma.

The calendar of events includes classics like the Nutcracker and the Model Train Festival, and less traditional events like New Year's Eve Countdown Coneheads and other family and kid-friendly events at museums around town.

Download the Art Lover's Guide to the Holidays here (pdf).

It's a great list, and we're sure there's even more going on around Tacoma - what events are on your holiday calendar that we should know about?

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This should be a good one for all the art haters here to froth at the mouth about.

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Published Author RR AndersonRegistered

I can’t wait to see that new place… what is it called?  Tinkertopia! yeah Tinkertopia is like the best for authentic Tacoma alt. Art!

December 9, 2013 at 7:18 pm / Reply / Quote and reply

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