Another Tacoma Totem Pole Comes Down

Another totem pole in Tacoma is coming down, although so far this one has drawn less controversy than the Tacoma Totem Pole in Fireman's Park did.

The totem pole at Portland Avenue Park is not nearly as old as the Fireman's Park pole, nor does it play a prominent role in Tacoma's history. It does, however, have more authentic ties to a northwest tribe. 

Carved by a Lummi tribal member in the 1970s, the Portland Avenue pole has been steadily deteriorating over the years. Metro Parks now deems the pole too dangerous to leave up, and plans to remove the totem pole today. Lummi tribal members have expressed and interest in restoring and preserving the pole, but no final decision has been made yet.

Metro Parks plans to take the pole down, and is working with Tacoma Public Utilities to temporarily store the pole until final arrangements can be made with the Lummi Tribe.

Read the full press release here.

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