Aviateur Opens in Old Zara, Sea Grill Space on Pacific Ave

A new restaurant opens today in the space that previously was Zara Mediterranean restaurant, and before that Sea Grill.

Aviateur will offer what sounds like a fairly traditional French menu - something lacking in Tacoma's current culinary line-up. The News Tribune writes that Aviateur is owned and operated by Bertrand Young, who has had La Creme Brulee in Steilacoom for years. With entrees in the $20-$40 range, it sounds like this will be one of the more upscale restaurants opening recently in downtown Tacoma.

The Aviateur Facebook page doesn't give us much to go off of at this point, but the page for La Creme Brulee offers a succinct announcement of the opening.

Chef Bertrand new restaurant is open from 4pm to 10pm Tuesday - Thursday and 4pm to 12pm on Saturday & Friday

1498 Pacific Ave Tacoma

We haven't had the pleasure of dining at La Creme Brulee - have you? How's the food there? You can try the food at Aviateur starting at 4 p.m. today, Friday, and Saturday. The restaurant will be closed Sunday and Monday, and open again for regular dinner/bar hours beginning Tuesday.

We're glad to see life in the space across from Pacific Grill, and we like French food, so we're hoping this one sticks. 

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But will they sell plates of just cheeses?  Meats?  Yes please.

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