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Be Heard, Pierce County

A new series of election posters are on the streets now. You may have seen them around town, in coffee shops or on bulletin boards, urging you to vote this November.

The message is the same on all the posters, regardless of language: "You'll never be heard if you don't speak." It's a message meant to step around specific issues and candidates, and get all of Pierce County's voters engaged this political season.

The posters come courtesy of a local activist working with local artists and photographers under the name "Be Heard Pierce County." More than 500 of the posters have gone up around the county, posted by the organizer and local college and high school students. All of the artwork is by local artists, who choose to remain anonymous, at least until after the election.

We like the look of the posters, and their message. Be on the look out for all five of the posters around the county, and of course, don't forget to vote.

There may still be posters available if you can think of somewhere in your community you'd like to hang one... See all five designs on the Be Heard Pierce County Facebook page.

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