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Tacoma City Council Meeting - October 21, 2014



Resolution No. 39030 A resolution setting Tuesday, November 4, 2014, at approximately 5:30 p.m., as the date for a public hearing by the City Council on the surplus and proposed sale of approximately 867 square feet of land owned by the Department of Public Utilities and located near the intersection of Bridgeport Way and 21st Street West in University Place, to the City of University Place for the amount of $11,900. [Gloria Fletcher, Senior Real Estate Officer; Ted Coates, Power Superintendent]

Resolution No. 39031 A resolution setting Tuesday, November 4, 2014, at approximately 5:30 p.m., as the date for a public hearing by the City Council on the 2015-2016 Biennial Budget. [Tadd Wille, Budget Officer; Andy Cherullo, Director, Finance]

Resolution No. 39032 A resolution setting Tuesday, November 4, 2014, at approximately 5:30 p.m., as the date for a public hearing by the City Council to set the proposed Ad Valorem tax levies and other General Fund revenues for 2015. [Tadd Wille, Budget Officer; Andy Cherullo, Director, Finance]

The consent agenda was adopted without comment.



Tae McKenzie, a Lincoln High School graduate, was recognized as the 2014-2015 Pacific Region Youth of the Year. Tae was an active member of the Boys and Girls Club; president of the Lincoln ASB; founder of Sisterhood, a girl's mentorship program on campus; and now attends UW.

The week of October 19-25 was proclaimed as Sarah Ioannides Week in Tacoma. Ioannides will be conducting the Tacoma Symphony Orchestra, taking the stage for the first time for the season opener this weekend.



All public comment this week was on the ordinance that would move to make the West End Alcohol Impact Area permanent. Residents from the Central and West End neighborhoods shared their stories of challenges with chronic public inebriates in their neighborhoods. A representative of the alcohol distributors argued that an Alcohol Impact Area is the wrong way to deal with problems resulting from chronic public inebriation, which he said ultimately is a disease and a public health problem, asking the Council to regulate them as such.



A motion was considered and adopted, authorizing the City’s full and final settlement of all claims against the City by Barbara Hicks, Claim No. 14619, upon payment by the City in the amount of $160,000.



Resolution No. 39033 A resolution declaring surplus and approving the sale of approximately .85 of an acre of surplus land located near the intersection of Canyon Road and 172nd Street East in Pierce County to Fretoc, LLC for in the amount of $50,000. [Gloria Fletcher, Senior Real Estate Officer; Linda McCrea, Water Superintendent].

The property in question is a triangular remnant of a larger property, mostly on the other side of Canyon Road, acquired by the City in 1893. As the property is not needed by Tacoma Water, and is encumbered by a BPA easement, the sale was approved.


Resolution No. 39034 A resolution declaring surplus and approving the sale of approximately 20 acres of real property owned by the Department of Public Utilities and located in the Green River Watershed to the United States of America, Army Corp of Engineers, for the amount of $142,300. [Gloria Fletcher, Senior Real Estate Officer; Linda McCrea, Water Superintendent]

The Corp has been permitted to use the land since 1986 for its operation of the Howard Hansen Dam. Most of the property lies in the drainage area north of the dam, but the sale also includes two nearby log boom anchor sites. As Tacoma Water has no need for the land, and no challenge was received on the sale, the resolution was adopted.


Resolution No. 39035 A resolution authorizing the execution of an amendment to the Loan Agreement with the Foss Waterway Development Authority (FWDA), to allow a portion of the proceeds from the sale of property to be retained by FWDA for operating expenses during the 2015-2016 biennium; and to add additional properties to the list of assets to secure repayment of the $4.1 million General Fund loan. [Andy Cherullo, Director, Finance]

The resolution modifies the agreement between the City and the FWDA for the loan which the FWDA used to make improvements along the Foss Waterway. In the original agreement, the FWDA pledged all $1.2 million the proceeds of the sale of Foss Site 1 to the City. Site 1 was sold to The Henry Group for the construction of the mixed-use development now under construction.

The amendment, as requested by the FWDA would split the proceeds of the sale 50/50 between the City and the FWDA, which would use its half for operating expenses. In exchange, the FWDA adds sites 10, 12, and the Delin Docks to secure the loan.



Ordinance No. 28253 An ordinance requesting the Washington State Liquor Control Board to recognize the West End Alcohol Impact Area passed by Ordinance No. 28135; and imposing restrictions on off-premises alcohol sales to reduce chronic public inebriation. [Lieutenant Mark Feddersen; Donald Ramsdell, Chief, Police Department]

According to TPD, during the voluntary compliance period, few of the 39 businesses in the area complied by pulling the products in question from their shelves. It sounds like there was considerable push-back from the distributors, who told the shops they didn’t have to comply, and from some businesses who were concerned about losing sales to other non-complying shops if they did pull the products.

If enacted, the permanent AIA would trim down the geographic area included – removing residential areas in west Tacoma, and Point Defiance Park. This makes little functional change, as there are no shops in the areas removed from the AIA.

TPD staff made it clear that they believe that the AIAs function as a part of a system for dealing with issues of chronic public inebriation, a system that includes rehab facilities, sobering houses, and other services. They described the two existing AIAs in Tacoma as working well, improving perception of quality of life and decreasing calls for service, without threatening businesses. TPD staff said that they will work with surrounding areas to monitor any shift of impacts to those areas.

Mayor Strickland described the intent of the AIA a not being about solving or treating alcoholism, but instead about addressing public problems caused by chronic public inebriation. The ordinance will get a final vote next week.



City Manager Broadnax introduced the new City Manager Intern, a student from UWT.



Infrastructure, Planning, and Sustainability Committee – Councilmember Mello shared recent issues addressed by the committee.

  • Heard from Public Works on the 6-Year Transportation Improvement Program, which identifies transportation infrastructure projects and funding for the next 6 years, updated annually.
  • Heard from Environmental Services on the new residential glass recycling project, piloting in two areas of the City this year. The program is intended to improve glass recycling efficiency and safety.
  • Tacoma Water presented on an extension of the Tacoma Water service area in the Midland area.
  • Received a presentation from Public Works on their construction contracts review, a summary of City construction contracts and performance over the last 5 years.
  • Had a presentation from Environmental Services on its Organics to Energy program, which targets commercial food waste for diversion from the landfill.
  • Heard about 2014 Planning Commission Accomplishments and the Planning work plan for 2015-2016.
  • Heard from the Transportation Commission on their 2014 accomplishments.
  • Had an update on affordable housing work plan program and how it will fit into the 2015 Comprehensive Plan update.

At its next meeting the committee will hear from Environmental Services on its ESMS program and a tree planting program on WSDOT right-of-ways.

Councilmember Ibsen reminded us that Wednesday, October 22, at 6 p.m. the City will be hosting a community budget input meeting at the Wheelock Public Library, and on Thursday, October 23, Historic Tacoma will hold its annual meeting at Washington Elementary School. Everyone is welcome to attend both events.

Councilmember Boe had several things to share.

  • This Thursday's Broadway Farmers’ market is the next to last of the year.
  • The 68th season of the Tacoma Symphony Orchestra starts this weekend, but if you don't have your tickets, you'll have to wait, because this weekend's shows are sold out.
  • Not sold out is the Tacoma Revels free concert in the auditorium at the Washington State History Museum. The theme is the joy of singing, and audience participation is to be expected.
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show plays every Saturday night at midnight at the Blue Mouse. It's a great way to get in the mood for Halloween.

Councilmember Campbell reminded us that a second community budget input meeting is coming up at 6 p.m. on October 30 at Lincoln High School, and that this Thursday is the Flavor fundraiser for Tacoma Community House. Stand up for immigrants, sit down for a meal. 25% of the cost of your meal at participating restaurants this Thursday goes to Tacoma Community House programs.



For more on the items on the agenda, see our City Business Preview for the week.

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