Broadway Farmers’ Market Opens Today

Today the Broadway Farmers' Market kicks off its 2016 season. They're setting up their booths as we write, laying out crates of spring veggies, buckets of fresh flowers, and arrays of hand-crafted wares. 

The Tacoma Farmers' Market opening day announcement invites you to stop by for lunch, shop for dinner, and find something nice for Mother's Day this weekend. 

From now through October, Broadway between 9th and 11th in downtown Tacoma will be closed off every Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for local farmers, crafts people, and others to sell their wares from tents and booths.

This week you'll find local eggs, green garlic, asparagus, and more from local and organic vendors. Find a full list of opening day vendors on the Tacoma Farmers' Market website.

With the addition of the Thursday Broadway Farmers' Market to the Saturday Proctor Market, which is already in full swing, we can now support local farmers by shopping at a market two days a week. Next month will bring opening days for the South Tacoma, Eastside, and 6th Avenue farmers' markets, meaning that before you know it, most days of the week you'll be able to find one somewhere in Tacoma.

Happy Thursday!

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These local farmers’ markets are one of my favorite things about Tacoma.

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John Watson

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