Charter Changes: Apply to Write For & Against Statements

With the final adoption of the ordinances to place charter amendments on the November ballot not yet done, the City of Tacoma is already looking for citizens to serve on the committees that will draft the "for" and "against" statements for the voters' pamphlet.

At a special meeting earlier this month the City Council made decisions on which of 19 amendments recommended by the Charter Review Committee would move forward for further consideration. Some recommendations, like the suggested establishment of a salary commission to determine Council salaries, were discussed, and moved forward, but with Council request for more information. Others, like the suggested change in Tacoma's form of government, were discussed, but ultimately failed. And some, like the changes to the Public Utilities Board, were amended, and only partially moved forward.

A few items that fall more into the category of "housekeeping" changes to update the Charter were moved forward with little discussion. And finally, a few, like the creation of a citizen commission on redistricting failed to move forward, with no explanation.

Those that were moved forward next come up for discussion at the July 15 meeting. So the decision hasn't officially been made yet, but it looks like the process is moving ahead. You've got a pretty short timeline to throw your name in the hat for these committees; letters of interest are due by July 7. Read the full press release, including details on how to apply, here.

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I’m perplexed how the City Council could vote on many of the proposed charter changes considering some of the changes they threw out had to do with their own interests.  Doesn’t self interest in a proposition mean the Council members need to recuse themselves?

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