Charter Review: Join the Discussion

The 15 citizens who make up Tacoma's City Charter Review Committee have been hard at work for more than a month on the early stages of reviewing the document that guides the City government.

On Monday they will host their first public hearing on the review of Tacoma's charter, to gather input from the rest of Tacoma. This will be the first of what will probably be many public input opportunities in this process

The general climate in Tacoma is a little different this time around from what it was back in 2004, the last time we did this, so it's likely that the issues raised will be a little different as well.

Whenever charter review comes up, it doesn't seem to take long for the "strong mayor" conversation to start. Does that interest you this time around? What else should be on the table for discussion?

If it's been a while since you dusted off your copy of Tacoma's charter, you can find the current document, along with some other resources on the Charter Review Committee page.

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