Choose a New Name for McKinley Playfield

Through the end of the month Metro Parks is taking community feedback on the renaming of McKinley Playfield.

The playfield, home to sportsfields, as well as a playground and sprayground, is being renamed to put an end to confusion with McKinley Park, an entirely different property located a short distance north of the playfield.

Following an initial round of conversations with the community, Metro Parks is offering a list of possible new names for the playfield, along with a brief explanation of the thinking behind each option.

  • Friendship Park - It is where everyone meets up and enjoys being with each other
  • Harmony Park - It is where everyone (races, ages) in our community come together and play and learn together
  • Ida Park - Ida is the first name of the wife of President McKinley, and most of the area is named after him
  • Dave DeForrest Park - He served the Eastside and lived across the street from the park; he was a recognized city councilman who advocated for services for residents
  • Ron Vignec Park - He has served thousands on the eastside and worked tirelessly to improve our community; an icon with multicultural connections who brought the community together for peace
  • Eastside Family Playfield - That's what it is; for families located on the eastside; the name speaks to its location and purpose
  • Legacy Park - Generations have used the park and will do so into the future; it is a place and way to pass on a rich heritage of community
  • Joel E. Odegard Park - Captain in TFD at Engine 11 for years, lived in the area, business owner on McKinley; 1st President of McKinley Hill Boosters
  • Verlo Family Park - Hardworkers who coached sports and brought the Boys & Girls Club to the eastside; they invested time & money into kids and kids' programs and impacted many lives
  • Doug Delin Playfield - He had a heart for people on the eastside and was diligent to see improvements in the area, especially places where kids could play and benefit

The names come from an initial community process in 2013 that involved elementary students from three Eastside schools, as well as grown-up community stakeholders. The names that came out of this process are  meant to reflect the way the park is used and its meaning for the community, and/or to honor the contributions of influential members of the Eastside community. 

Read more and vote on your pick at Votes will be taken through January 31.

Which name gets your vote?

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Okay, the first two are absolutely stupid. Legacy is dumb, too.  I do like naming our parks for a person who was important to the community, that makes sense.

January 21, 2014 at 8:08 am / Reply / Quote and reply

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