Upcoming City Council Highlights for August 1st

The next Tacoma City Council meeting is August 1st and a couple of items caught our eye:

Resolution No. 36923

Designating the Historic City Water Ditch Trail Project as a special project of limited duration; directing the City manager to develop a scope of work for the project, including a budget and schedule; elevating the project’s priority status in the Six-Year Comprehensive Transportation Program; finalizing the purchase of the surplus Flume Line property for the project; and communicating the City’s intent to complete within the shortest timeline as feasible and reasonable.

The Water Ditch project has been described as Tacoma’s Burke-Gilman trail.  This would be good to see.  Link to a story from last year in The News Tribune.

Resolution No. 36927

Designating the following properties as historic landmarks and placing them on the Tacoma Register of Historic Places:

  • Washington Elementary School, 3701 North 26th Street;
  • Lincoln High School, 701 South 37th Street; and
  • National Bank of Tacoma, 1123 Pacific

This is very timely as Washington Elementary is on the proposed closure list.  Link to the school closure page at The News Tribune

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