City Council Meeting for June 27th

We were perusing the agenda for Tuesday’s city council meeting, when we noticed at least a few things that might interest you. 

First, our streetcar friends are finally going to get their day before the city council.  On June 27th, the council will vote on whether to support a feasibility study of a streetcar system in our town.  This should be fun. 

Second, the University of Puget Sound is apparently looking to build a new entrance to the University.  The city council will vote on whether to vacate part of 15th Street west of Alder to make way for the new entry. 

Finally, a mixed use commercial/residential project in the south downtown area between South 28th and 29th between C Street and Pacific is apparently in the works by a Seven Stones, LLC and William Baker.  The project is on the agenda as its looking for the city to vacate the Commerce Street right of way around the project.  From what I hear, the project sits in two zoning codes: R4 and Warehouse Residential (WR).  Any thoughts on this?  I didn’t know about this project.  Anybody know a few more details?

There are other things on the agenda, but they didn’t catch my eye.  Of course you’ll tell me if I missed something. 

Link to the Tacoma City Council Agenda for June 27th (pdf)

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