Coming to Tacoma: Original House of Donuts

Just last week we were pondering what was going on in the space tha formerly housed the Downtown Vision Center at the corner of 9th and St. Helens. Now we have our answer: donuts.

The Daily Index reports that The Original House of Donuts plans to open a location in the corner space across the street on the uphill side of the downtown Tully's. You might know the OHoD from its Lakewood location on Gravelly Lake Drive, where it has been serving up handmade donuts for more than 50 years.

More details will be available from the donut company after the holidays, according to the Index, but work is underway on the Tacoma location, and there is a Facebook page. There's no activity on the page yet, but you know something's real when the Facebook page appears... right?...

Anyway, the building permit was issued in September, and the company is verifying that work is underway. The rest is just frosting... or something.

Mmmm, donuts....

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