Downtown Parking Forum Tomorrow

The Parking Advisory Committee’s forum on downtown parking is tomorrow.  If you want to be heard or you want to hear what others are thinking, come on by…

From the BIA Blog:

Members of the Parking Advisory Committee—representing all types of businesses, downtown residents, non-profit entities and others—will be on hand to talk with attendees one-on-one. Staff representatives from the City of Tacoma, Pierce Transit and Sound Transit will also be attending. Participants may progress from station to station in order to speak with committee members, hear about new technologies, discuss options for parking permits, explore new commute alternatives, and more…

Learn more about the complex topic of downtown parking, voice your kudos or concerns, ask questions—get involved!

Thursday, June 22nd
4:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Club Zoe (1710 S. Market St.)

Link to the BIA Blog

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