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Envisioning Tacoma

What's your vision for Tacoma? That's what the City of Tacoma wants to know.

The City is reaching out to citizens on a number of fronts to engage citizens in the discussion of what Tacoma's future looks like in a strategic visioning process meant to identify and prioritize goals for Tacoma's future.

A big part of the visioning process will be a community visioning event next Wednesday, July 30 at the Convention Center. Everyone in Tacoma is invited to the event, which will include a youth summit and kids play area,

The City is also inviting citizens to participate in an online conversation. The public is invited to propose their own ideas in several broad topic categories. Those ideas are posted for others to view and comment or express support.

Topics include: 

  • Vision for Tacoma
  • Most important issue in regard to City budget
  • Budget priorities
  • What would make Tacoma even better?
  • What should stay the same?
  • Shaping Tacoma's future

Ideas already posted under these categories range from broad, citywide ideas like rebranding Tacoma as a regional destination to much more specific ideas, like constructing a sound barrier on Dock Street. Other topics cover areas you would expect: mitigating the potential fallout of significant cutbacks at JBLM; and improving Tacoma's streets, crosswalks, and other infrastructure; as well as more unusual topics: creation of a food forest, a local every day market, installation of free or more available wi-fi, or doubling down on support for Spaceworks.

Those are just some of the conversations beginning on the website. It doesn't quite seem to have reached critical mass in terms of dialogue, but people are joining the conversation. What do you want to talk about?

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I’m surprised there aren’t more ideas on here! 

You can find a few of my ideas at Utopia Tacoma on Facebook.

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