Finding Destiny & Grit in Tacoma

There's a new audio series in town; Destiny & Grit explores Tacoma through the eyes of a newcomer. 

Who What When Where Why Tacoma?

Destiny & Grit is an audio series exploring the highs & lows and whys & hows and hot & colds and streets & trails of Tacoma, WA. We are exploring our curiosity about this place on foot, on bike, on rail, on boat, and in sound. If you want us to know your Tacoma secrets, shoot us an email at or call our secret number.

Each Destiny & Grit episode takes an up close look at an aspect of Tacoma, framed by producer Whitney Henry-Lester's observations as she gets to know her new town. It's one of those interesting opportunities to see a place we feel we know so well from a fresh perspective.

The introductory episode of Destiny & Grit tells the story of its producer's arrival in Tacoma - in Hilltop, to be specific. The recent Tacoma transplant plans for the series to tell the stories she discovers around her in her new home - maybe even your story, if you feel like sharing. This episode focuses on the idea that Tacoma has a reputation is a dangerous place, plagued by the Tacoma Aroma. "Please tell me you don't live in Hilltop," her mother says... she does. But Whitney doesn't find much to back up Tacoma's bad rep. She recounts friendly encounters with her Hilltop neighbors, and talks to Seattlites with nice things to say about Tacoma.

In the most recent episode, Destiny & Grit explores Tacoma's recycling ethos, which, as a confessed recycling geek, Whitney identifies with. The episode features a visit to Tacoma's recycling center, and to Tinkertopia - both of which get solid thumbs-ups. We like her closing thoughts on Tinkertopia - and Tacoma. Tinkertopia, she says, is what she hopes this city can be - independent, quirky, laid-back friendly, and inspiring.

It's nice to hear a Tacoma transplant exploring her new town, and we look forward to hearing more. Maybe you have a suggestion for where Destiny & Grit should go for its next story?

Here the D & G stories so far at

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Perhaps Whitney could learn more about Tacoma at
City Club’s January lunch-1/21 11:30am
“Hidden Treasures of Tacoma”.
Bennish Brown, Morf Morford share
indoor and outdoor places less known and
“Finds” sent in by City Club members.
More details at

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