Fireworks at Today’s City Council Meeting

We saw this coming, but were reminded by The New Takhoman that today’s city council meeting will have a first reading of ordinance # 27624 revising the fireworks code in Tacoma. 

From the study session minutes:

Currently, the municipal code bans the use, discharge, possession, and sale of all fireworks and imposes a misdemeanor criminal penalty for violations.  Numerous violations occur during the Fourth of July period, resulting in a greatly increased call load for the Police and Fire Departments.  At Tuesday’s Study Session, staff will share their recommendation to issue a civil infraction, which uses less time and resources than investigating (and prosecuting) a crime.  It is anticipated that the change to a civil infraction penalty will enhance the ability of the Police and Fire Departments to respond to complaints of fireworks violations and take action regarding the complaints.  Proposed Ordinance No. 27624, to amend the code, will be on Tuesday’s Council agenda for first reading.

This one is a bit personal for us as fireworks explode over our house and in our trashcan… usually around 3:00 am…  at least once a week… for at least six months after the 4th of July.  So, we have opinions.

I’m curious what you think about the proposed change?


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This is actually a pretty handsome looking graphic. This is the kind of stuff I would like to see the city use in its marketing instead of the same old tired photos of the cone or union station (not to diss on those icons), but seriously there’s gotta be more interesting ways to depict Tacoma other than the same old scenes of brick and glass. At the very least, if this graphic were a t-shirt or x-mas ornament, I’ll take two.

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