Foremost Dairy Building Gets LEED Gold Certification

Amidst all the recent talk of sub-area plans, EIS statements, and future development, we noticed a little piece of current good news on the downtown development front.

The Foremost Dairy Building at South 25th and Pacific received LEED Gold certification. The former dairy processing facility, built in 1927 for Royal Ice Cream and Milk Company is now home to nearly 35,000 square feet of office and retail space. Renovations that earned the Foremost Building the gold level of LEED certification for green building include efficiencies in energy, lighting, and water, and use of sustainable and repurposed materials and other practices. Renovations also focused on retaining the building’s character and history where possible, including use of authentic windows and other salvaged and preserved materials, and preservation of historic signage and industrial equipment.

The voluntary green building certification, which is a fairly involved process for developers, adds the Foremost Dairy Building to the growing list of LEED certified buildings in Tacoma, most recently, the “Joy Building at UWT”: and the “Wells Fargo Building”:. These buildings use environmentally conscious construction practices, and their ongoing environmental impact will be decreased thanks to energy and other efficiencies.

It’s gratifying to hear that the Foremost Building has received this certification, and it’s good to know that the office space has an anchor tenant in the Social Security offices. Now, if we could just see some of those other retail and office spaces filled…

For some interesting background and historical footnotes on the Foremost Dairy Building, read Exit133’s previous article It’s Better Than Good, It’s Foremost. And don’t miss the comments for some interesting tidbits on the building’s history and renovation.

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betty donawa

I was a patiet at puget sound hospital in 1964 and searching the net could not find one picture or write up .this is a historial building be cause it was old when i was a patient there.i feel it is a dirty shame that it has no reconizion at all.i hope you do pictures and write up before it is ever torn down         thank you

April 13, 2012 at 9:27 pm / Reply / Quote and reply

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In 1969, the Foremost Dairy company launched a contest looking for catchy phrases or slogans. As prizes, they were giving away decorated milk cans. Being a smart alec high school senior, I entered the following:

“I live in the city. Last week I learned what a cow was. What’s a milk can?” Shortly after submitting my entry, I received a box at my house. It contained an old milk can painted in Foremost orange and deocrated with a 60’s floral design. I still have that can. Only thing I’ve ever won, I think.

April 16, 2012 at 7:22 pm / Reply / Quote and reply

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