Free Cab Rides for 6th Ave Drunks

If your Saturday evening finds you inebriated on 6th Avenue this weekend, you'll have one more option for making good choices in how you get home.

A new program begins this Saturday with the goal of getting drunk people out of their own cars and into cabs.

The "Choose Your Ride" program offers drinkers a choice: a free cab ride home, or a much more costly ride in a police cruiser or ambulance.

The program, which focuses on the increasingly ever-popular 6th Avenue bar scene, will offers of free or flat-fare cab rides to bar-goers who have overindulged.

Volunteers at 6th and Pine will put groups of partiers into cabs for a safe ride home. The first 25 groups will receive a voucher for a free ride home anywhere in Tacoma, and subsequent groups will get a $10 flat-rate ride.

"Choose Your Ride" comes to you from the Tacoma Pierce County DUI and Traffic Safety Task Force, and is a partership of law enforcement, cab companies, and bars and restaurants on 6th Ave, all of whom want to get you home safe.

The program sounds like it should help some people make good choices in how they get home. Now, if only they could come up with a program to help with some of the evening's other choices...

Read the full press release here.

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