Free Ride on Tacoma Link Continues

In case you missed it last week, here's some good news for downtown Tacoma: It will continue to be free to ride the Tacoma Link light rail for at least another six years.

Last week the Sound Transit Board of Directors voted to put off its plans to charge a fare until the yet-to-be-built Link expansion to the Hilltop via the Stadium District starts running. Right now that isn't anticipated to happen until 2022.

To keep the Link running fare-free, while still covering operating costs, Tacoma's Downtown Business Improvement Area again stepped up.

When the Sound Transit board originally voted to implement a phased-in fare a couple years ago, the BIA offered to cover costs to keep the ride free. That original plan, which would have started the fare at $1 in 2014, would have set the fare at $1.50 by now (with discounted prices for seniors, youth, and disabled riders). The BIA is again covering the costs until the 1.6-mile light rail line becomes a new and improved 4-mile line.

Read the full Sound Transit press release on keeping the Tacoma Link free to ride here.

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YAY!!! The bum and druggie shuttle lives on!! woohoo!!!

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