Grand Cinema to Show The Interview

The Grand Cinema in Tacoma will be showing The Interview - that movie that's got North Korea all hot and bothered. On its Facebook page last night, The Grand made the announcement.

Everyone is calling us, "Are you playing THE INTERVIEW?" Okay, okay, we heard you. No, it may not be a typical Grand kind of film, but yes, independent cinemas are here to show you films you often can't see anywhere else. Opening Christmas Day, only ONE SHOW per day, 9:20 p.m. daily.

President Obama has commended Sony for releasing the film after its earlier announcement that it would not. Now it's happening, and theaters like The Grand will show the film beginning on its originally intended release date of Christmas day.

Will you be lining up to see the political absurd silly highly anticipated comedy about the fictional plot to kill Kim Jong-un? 

In case you haven't seen the trailer yet, here you go.

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It’s not my kind of movie, but a) I’m really glad Sony’s decided that knuckling under to North Korea was not a good idea (and I hope it does really well just so the movie theater chains realize what a goof *they* made, too—well, and because I love the Grand), and b) I’m finding this whole episode absolutely hilarious.  Someone needs to make a movie of *this*!

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