Hey Star Wars Fans: You May Live In the Best Place to Find Each Other

Here's one for all you Star Wars junkies out there, especially those of you looking for love: Our region is apparently the best place in the country to make a romantic connection with a fellow fan. That's according to the folks at Match.com The dating website analyzed the profiles of its users around the country. They found that the region with the most mentions of Star Wars related terms in user profiles was "Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA." Our region ranked #3 for best place to find a single male Star Wars fan. Somehow, we didn't rank for single female Star Wars fans.

We have to imagine that, in one particular scenario, Tacoma is the Rebel Alliance and Seattle is the Empire, but maybe we're overthinking this a bit.

Maybe you have a story of connecting over deep discussions of which movie can be empirically proven to be the best? If not, never fear - it sounds like you're in the right part of the world. If you want to help things along a little, though, The Swiss is in the middle of showing the entire series. Coming up on December 15 they're showing Return of the Jedi.

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