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Dreaming Big for Hilltop’s Vacant Spaces…

In his latest columnThe News Tribune's Matt Driscoll takes a look at development in the Hilltop - and specifically at the lack of development on one particular block of the neighborhood - the block where the vacant (did someone say haunted?) Rite Aid sits.

He begins with a little optimism about the future.

Things are happening on the Hilltop.

Of course, if you’ve lived here long enough, you’ve heard plenty of declarations regarding the area’s imminent turnaround. Hilltop has been on the verge of revitalization so long that it’s sometimes hard to take the notion seriously.

But that optimism is tempered by the all-too-visible question posed by the empty drugstore building. Rite Aid still has six years left of a 22-year lease. Despite the more than $500,000 it spends annually on that lease, however, the chain doesn't seem to have much interest in subleasing the space. So there it sits. A depressingly vacant block at the center of what plan after plan for the neighborhood has idenified as a major growth hub. 

It seems quite possible that the space could continue to be a black hole of development for the next half-dozen years... But we're always game for a little optimistic speculation - what would you like to see take over the old Rite Aid space?

And while we're at it, what about some big ideas for this lovely empty space...?

Read Driscoll's column here.

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