Hilltop Kitchen Team Finds Temporary Home

Good news for those of you who have been missing Hilltop Kitchen: owners Chris Keil and Matthew Schweitzer say that they will be reopening making drinks again - this week.

According to an Instagram post today, the Hilltop Kitchen team has been hired by Robyn and Jason at Tacoma Cabana.  The bartenders will be temporarily slinging drinks in the upstairs space at Tacoma Cabana, in what could prove to be an impressively dangerous convergence of imbibing options under one roof. 

The temporary Hilltop Kitchen will offer an abbreviated menu of their own signature boozy concoctions and creative small bites just steps above the rum bar operated by Jason Alexander.

The News Tribune broke the story, saying that the bar will be open 5 to midnight, Wednesdays through Saturdays at their new Pacific Avenue digs beginning this Thursday.

Meanwhile, HK is still in search of a new permanent home, and their old home is still in search of new tenants...

Read about the closing of Hilltop Kitchen previously from Exit133.

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Hilltop Kitchen is not re-opening in Tacoma Cabana. Jason and Robyn have hired some of the HK to work in the Nautilus Room upstairs.

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