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Hilltop Kitchen Moves In

Many of you have been anxiously awaiting the opening of Hilltop Kitchen.

Ever since what can only be described as a very public blow out between Chris Keil and the other owners of 1022 South, Tacoma has been lacking a certain something - namely its classiest cocktail lounge.

While 1022 itself seems to be in a phase of ... readjustment ... work on Keil’s new business, Hilltop Kitchen, has been moving ahead.  The original opening date forecast for the first week of June has come and gone, but you know how these things go. Good carpenters take time to work, and like his cocktails, we’re guessing Keil wants to get the bar just right. Little birds around town are whispering that we might expect him to get there sometime this month.

Tantalizing hints of the work going on inside the former Tempest space on MLK keep trickling out - images of menus, possible food and drink offerings, and a new bar logo. Yesterday HK Tacoma shared an image of boxes lined up out front of the new digs with a simple caption. “Move in day.”

You can take a peak at some images from Hilltop Kitchen on Instagram.

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