Historic Dining Car Settles Into New Home

This week Northern Pacific Dining Car #1663 moves to its new home at the LeMay Marymount Collection LeMay Family Collection Foundation at Marymount in Spanaway. It's been a long road for the piece of railroad history, and for David Burns, the man who has made saving it a personal mission.

Flatbeds, cranes, and crews are helping the dining car settle into its new home, where it will be protected and restored. Before this literal heavy lifting came the metaphoric heavy lifting done by the many contributors to the Kickstarter that funded the move. 

Thanks to all of you who chipped in, and to Burns' commitment to the cause, the car will be saved, will remain in the Tacoma area, and will reopen at the Marymount collection, returning to its original use as a dining space.

Read more from The News Tribune.

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Eric LeMay

It’s the “LeMay Family Collection Foundation” at Marymount. I know it’s minor technocratic sounding mumbo jumbo to most people, but it’s a completely separate museum and non-profit entity. LeMay-ACM is one of the best car museums in the world. LeMay-Marymount is an awesome car museum, but is different. It’s really actually pretty cool and unique to almost any other geographic region if you like cars and stuff. They’re six miles apart, but they offer two unique experiences and history lessons.


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