Historic Home of Dr. Mattson Appears Nearly Sold

We once looked at a house for sale on North Fife street. The price was right and the yard was gorgeous, but something didn’t feel right about it. When we looked up the history on the house we discovered that the owner was killed in its kitchen in the 1960s. Yeah. No thank you.

The question is do the new owners of this home on North Verde know the complete history of the historic property?

Dr. Wm. and Hazel Mattson built this house in 1925 for an estimated cost of $25,000. The home was featured in the newspaper several times as it was built and it won a city architectural award in 1926. Then, in 1936, Charles Mattson, their son, was kidnapped from the house. The story captivated the city for weeks. Even the Governor joined the search for Charles. Sadly, he was found murdered a few weeks later.

It happened a long time ago… It’s still a gorgeous house.

Listed at John L. Scott


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