Historic Preservation in Tacoma: Public Hearing on March 2

On March 2, the City of Tacoma Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to address the proposed 2011 Annual Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Regulatory Code. Even for those of us accustomed to reading through such things, code amendments can be tedious; but this year’s amendment package contains a significant reconsideration of Historic Preservation in our City. These changes may constitute our first line of defense in the protection of historic structures – an issue of great importance to Tacoma’s population, given the intense public interest in the Luzon and Old City Hall debacles.

The amendment proposes a new Historic Preservation Element be added to our Comprehensive Plan, to clearly state the value Tacoma sees in its historic structures. This element will also help to establish a strong base upon which to build and improve a historic preservation program that focuses on more than designations.

You can see the text of the entire amendment package here,. To read the portion that addresses Historic Preservation, click on “Staff Report 2011-02.”

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The public hearing will start at approximately 5 p.m. and will be held in the Council Chambers in the Tacoma Municipal Building at 747 Market St. Written comment can be sent to the Planning Commission lwung@cityoftacoma.org by March 11.

These amendments will go before the City Council for consideration in the Spring.

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