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How Cute is This Baby Moose?

It's pretty darn cute. The baby moose, the first to be born at Metro Parks' Northwest Trek Wildlife Park in 15 years, has all the adorableness of Bambi, with the endearing awkwardness of Bullwinkle. Take a moment, watch the video, share it with your co-workers. Monday win.

Baby moose and mom Connie moose are in NW Trek's 435-acre Free Roaming Area, where some lucky visitors are catching occasional glimpses of the adorableness of the park's newest addition exploring its world.

Park staff haven't gotten close enough to the pair to determine the baby's gender just yet, but mother and baby appear healthy, and keepers will approach them for a check-up sometime in the next couple weeks. Once the gender has been determined, the baby moose can be named... Any suggestions?

Read more about NW Trek's new baby moose here.

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