How Do We Encourage Sidewalk Vending?

Somehow, while enjoying a cup of coffee at Blackwater, somebody convinced me to head on down to the Economic Development Committee Meeting this afternoon.  That’s what you do on a sunny afternoon, right?  On the agenda were several vaguely interesting topics. The first item up was a report to the committee on current regulations and possible hurdles to sidewalk vending in Tacoma. Paul Ellis lays out the recommendations of a small committee formed to look at this issue on his website.

Why don’t we have more sidewalk vendors? A lack of feet on the street? Are the sidewalks just too narrow? Are the insurance requirements too cumbersome? 

Tacoma’s current regulations only allow food, flowers, and plants.  Maybe it’s time to allow merchandise…  That’s what we heard.

Sidewalk vendors could be an interesting complement to our downtown. The regulations should be tweaked a bit to streamline things and provide some clarity.  Anyone know any businesses interested in the opportunity? Or is this a solution looking for a problem? 

Link to the BIA Blog

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Claudia Riedener

How wonderful is that! We have been waiting a while; I am exited to finally seeing it.

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