How Do You Feel About the Quality of Life & Services in Tacoma?

Last month the City asked 3,000 randomly selected households to participate in a questionnaire on how they feel about the quality of life and services in Tacoma. That questionnaire is now available online for all Tacoma residents.

The citizen survey is meant to assess the City’s performance in major service areas, and will help the City better understand residents’ perceptions of service areas. The survey findings will help define the community’s current priorities and will aid the City’s ongoing operational planning and improvement processes. 

It's a lengthy comprehensive survey, with questions on specific city services as well as things like how safe you feel and how easy it is to get around Tacoma on a day-to-day basis. The survey gives Tacoma residents a chance to rate how they feel about many aspects of life in Tacoma, but don't expect a place to expand on your answers. Complete the questionnaire here.

So, how do you feel about the quality of life and services in Tacoma?

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The City’s questions with their emphasis on safety don’t resonate with me.  It isn’t 1990 anymore.  The issues have changed.  Tacoma needs economic development on a massive scale and we need to be better linked with jobs in the Central Puget Sound.

Just to stay where we are we need to make tremendous investments in streets and bridges to offset all of the deferred maintenance that’s happened for decades.  For a city of our size we also should have a much more robust public transit network.

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I found the questions to be vague at times and barely scratching the surface of the issues. I suppose that it is a start at least but I would have liked follow-up questions on a few items.

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BONUS ESSAY QUESTION: How do you rate the usefulness of multiple choice questions as a diagnostic tool for formulating public policy?

1) Highly Useful 2) Useful 3) Kinda Useful 4) Don’t Know

1) Muy Bueno 2) Bueno 3) Okay 4) No Se

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Nina Rook

If you don’t like multiple choice questions, do please go to

which is the city’s attempt to get input from people who weren’t surveyed and can’t turn up to meetings.  The input is much more flexible, and there is even opportunity to comment!  Since I designed surveys for a living for many years, I know how tricky they can be, and welcome unstructured discussions.  Enjoy!

July 7, 2014 at 8:06 pm / Reply / Quote and reply

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