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How Do You Get Rid of Leftover Pot?

The legalization of marijuana in Washington raises a whole new question we never considered (and never thought we'd hear our city council ask); how do you get rid of pot?

Environmental Services has a plan in place to address the cannabis waste from processing and production, as City Manager Broadnax shared in his report to Council this week.

Under the state regulations, marijuana plant wastes will need to be rendered unusable by grinding the marijuana and combining it with non-marijuana material. The regulations specify two types of non-marijuana material that can be mixed with the waste and this will dictate how ESD handles it. If it is mixed with a compostable material, it will be sent to the permitted composting facility. If it is mixed with a non-compostable material, it will be sent to the landfill. The Solid Waste Management Division currently has staff and procedures in place to monitor the types of materials that are bein"g disposed of at our transfer facility and will take appropriate actions to deal with waste streams that require special handling. "

As for possible wastewater discharge, ESD has a process in place to evaluate all new businesses in Tacoma for their potential impact on the wastewater treatment plant and collection system. Like all other businesses, if these marijuana businesses meet certain conditions per current regulations on wastewater discharge, they will be required to apply for a permit to discharge to the sewer. Our staff will review the applications and place conditions on the discharge, as necessary, to protect the City's wastewater system. The addition of marijuana solid waste and wastewater discharge are not anticipated to create any challenges that staff cannot handle.

Does this mean that finding a weed in our Tagro could have a whole new meaning?

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