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Imagine Tacoma - Rialto Patio

The Rialto Theater is really a performing arts jewel for Tacoma. A fantasy confection that contains a unique performing arts auditorium (one that is not too large for small productions and yet has the visual grandeur and acoustics of a professional concert hall). But the logistics of the entrance – an alley entrance in the mid-block of the steepest street in Downtown Tacoma! So imagine locating some modifications around the entrance to this grand olde house to make it a wee bit more of a hospitable entrance endeavor:

Increase Width of Sidewalk:
Bulb-out the width of the parallel parking stalls along South Ninth Street (- two feet for bicycles) to increase the staging area and allow for more grade transition to the Rialto Entry Loggia. Nice new sidewalk that has good traction (no brick paver inserts please).

Narrow the Alley:
Narrow the Alley for the width of the Rialto to create additional patio area alongside the building.

Removable Bollards:
When the Rialto is having events, insert bollards to stop traffic from using the alley. This will create a ‘drop-off’ zone along South Ninth Street.

Add Handrails!
This city is built on a hill – so add handrails at steps and along steep grades to assist all ages in navigating the sidewalk.

Add Canopy and Upper Patio:
Add an exterior canopy over the side exits and increase an upper patio area for additional break-out space from the Lobby.

So as you head to France with the Tacoma Opera next week and to Scotland with the Christmas Revels in December, why not imagine an improved portal from which to momentarily escape the gritty confines of Tacoma.

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I’m going to Scotland this December?

Nice work Mr. Boe. ;-)

October 31, 2008 at 5:01 pm / Reply / Quote and reply

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