Improving Brown’s Point Lighthouse Park

If you missed the public meeting on plans for improvements to Tacoma's Brown's Point Lighthouse Park, you can still see design options and chime in with your preferences via an online survey from Metro Parks.

Three possible design schemes are posted on the Metro Parks page, with a link to email your comments on the possibilities.

There's the Neighborhood Active design, which creates spaces for various active uses, including a bocce ball court, picnic pavillions, a kayak and kiteboard area, and a "natural" play area.

The Neighborhood Historic design highlights different eras from the original Coast Salish inhabitants of the area, to various immigrants to Tacoma, and a look to the future.

And the Neighborhood Passive design, which focuses on more passive uses, including picnicking, and public telescopes.

All would include some basic improvements to facilities. It looks liek there's a difference in how the three designs handle the historic fence along the water edge of the park. 

If the choice is between designs that highlight the history of the area, and those that make space for passive or active uses of the park, what looks like the best plan for this public space?

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