Invest in Solar - Without Putting Those Panels on Your Roof

Solar panels are cool - they generate electricity just sitting there soaking up the sun's rays. Kind of like a cat on a front porch. But finding the right place for panels on your home can be challenging. Maybe you don't like the way they look, maybe your house isn't well-oriented to get maximum sun time, maybe you rent and your landlord isn't cool with you making modifications. 

Well, if you're a Tacoma Power customer, you will soon have an alternative. The public utility's new Community Solar program gives Tacoma Power customers the opportunity to buy solar units that will be housed all in one place, operated by the utility.

Called “community solar,” the project enables customers to join together and invest in solar energy. ... Community solar is a more affordable way to invest in solar energy, and does not require home ownership, the right location, a load-bearing roof or the high cost of installing solar panels.       

Tacoma Power will build the 75-kilowatt project on its property, but it will be fully funded by customers purchasing the units at $100 each. Customers who choose to purchase the units will be eligible to get an annual Washington State solar production incentive payment, and will receive payment from Tacoma Power for the electricity generated by their units.

If you choose to participate in the program, Tacoma Power says you can expect to recoup your investment in about four years. Construction and sale of the solar units will begin in early 2016, and they're expecting to sell out quickly. For now, customers can register online to get the first crack at the units when they go up for sale.

Are you in?

Learn more about the program here.

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