RIP Jack Falk - Bicycle Artist Extraordinaire

It is with heavy hearts that we learn of the passing of Jack Falk on Easter Sunday. Jack was born December 6, 1946. He arrived in Tacoma in 1987 and found himself at the Rescue Mission. He volunteered at the Washington State Historical Society from 1998 until he became ill in late 2014.  Most people in Tacoma, however, know Jack for his bicycles. He rode around downtown Tacoma on a bike covered in license plates, garlands, American flags, working radios, and so much more. He was a regular in the Daffodil parade and at community events around the city. Beautiful Angle made a poster about him - and several of these posters were given to him for his hospital room as colon cancer began to slow him down.

We've heard many beautiful things about Jack since last night. Emails and messages reveal the lives he's touched. Everyone in Tacoma seems to know Jack, yet few knew his name. RIP, Jack.

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Gerry Sperry

He was more than an amusing local character, a sort of roving genius loci. I hope he will always be remembered with a small notice in Tacoma history.

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