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Jake Fey for City Council?

Jake Fey showed up in our front yard over the weekend. Mr. Fey is running for the City Council seat recently vacated by Kevin Phelps – District 2. He’s doing the old fashioned door knock, shake hands, ask questions routine that we don’t see enough of anymore. While we grew used to drinking next to city council members at the Parkway, I don’t think anybody running for the council has ever shown up on our doorstep.

I’m impressed that he’s getting out and meeting people. Generally speaking, though, I’m a bit unclear on his politics and ideas. We spoke for about 15 minutes, but I don’t remember many specific action items or specific goals for the city. His website doesn’t provide much additional information. I’m sure we’ll hear more from him over the next few months.

Now I’m a bit more curious about the other candidates.

As a side note – I think Mr. Fey was quite lucky to get out of the yard without some significant paw prints on his khakis.

Link: Jake Fey

Update: In the end, now that we’ve reached primary day, Jake is the only person that I’ve spoken to personally. I have to give him credit for getting out there and shaking hands.

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