Join a Metro Parks Advisory Council

If you're interested in the decision-making and other goings-on at Metro Parks, you might want to look into applying to sit on one of their advisory councils.

Metro Parks Tacoma put out a call this week for applications to the organization's four advisory councils.

Citizen advisory council members provide valuable input on Metro Parks Tacoma programs and facilities. 

They assess community needs and desires on such topics as policies, budgets, programming, operations and future needs, and then make recommendations to staff members and the Board of Park Commissioners.

Volunteer citizen council members serve up to two three-year terms, with 7 to 13 members on each council, meeting at least six times per year. The councils contribute to agency planning and help the Board of Park Commissioners evaluate and come to decisions on topics in each of four areas.

ACTIVE LIFESTYLES & COMMUNITY WELLNESS addresses adult sports and fitness, swimming and aquatic programs, youth programming, specialized recreation and other programs, facilities and services.

BUSINESS & RESPONSIVE AGENCY addresses business planning, financial sustainability, revenue development and quality assurance activities.

CULTURE & HERITAGE addresses historic preservation, special events and arts programming.

NATURE & ENVIRONMENT addresses environmental education, marine and shoreline issues, open space, garden management and our neighborhood, community and regional parks.

For more information and to apply, visit the Metro Parks website.

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