Kalakala: Owner Sues State, Ferry Secured to Moorings

In recent days there have been a couple of new developments in the fate of the Kalakala.

First we read that the aging historic ferry was secured in place, meaning that it’s less likely to drift away from its moorings and wreak havoc on Port operations.

Karl Anderson, who owns the property where the Kalakala has been tied up for several years now has installed some mooring dolphins, which he hopes will meet Coast Guard approval as a temporary solution. Improved bilge pumps should help the Kalakala hold out a little longer, but the fix can’t have been cheap, and the real question remains: temporary until when…? A line from the TNT article has an ominous sound to it.

“Anderson said he is working on a permanent solution.”

Then we read that Steve Rodrigues, the owner of the rusting ferry, is suing Washington State agencies, and pretty much anyone else he can think of for failure to help preserve the historic ferry. Hmm.

Rodrigues is basically arguing that State agencies not only did nothing to help restore the ferry, but in fact impeded his efforts to save it. WSDOT, Washington State Ferries, the Washington State Historic Preservation Office, Tacoma Industrial Properties, and Karl Anderson are all listed as defendants. Rodrigues’ suit not only asks that the ferry be allowed to stay where it is, he is also claiming tens of millions of dollars in losses. No comment yet from the State.

Read more about the lawsuit from www.crosscut.com.

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Desperate much? 

What a shame to sue the guy who let that boat moor at his dock for <span class=“caps”>FREE</span> for eight years!

Why can’t they dry dock the boat and make a restaurant out of it?  No engine, drive-train, or hull work required. Probably cost prohibitive… but I’d be really cool!

July 27, 2012 at 9:35 pm / Reply / Quote and reply

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How about turn it into a marijuana dispensary.

That way if the Feds come in to ransack and trash it after a raid then there would be no loss.Also it would be less of an annoyance or nuisance to nearby neighbors..

July 27, 2012 at 9:55 pm / Reply / Quote and reply

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