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Kids’ Play Area for the Foss

If the City of Tacoma is awarded a $60,000 grant it recently applied for, the Foss Waterway could soon be home to a new children's play area, paid for by the grant, the Foss Waterway Development Authority, and private developers. That's according to a note in last week's City Manager's report to Council. 

The private developer is The Henry Group, which is building The Henry, a $31 million, 160-unit mixed-use development, just north of Albers Mill Lofts and the Museum of Glass. The Henry Group would cover half the cost of the park, matching the $60,000 grant, which the FWDA requested be submitted on its behalf. The FWDA would make up any additional costs. 

According to the City Manager's report, no capital, maintenance, or other funds have been requested from the City for the project, but the park would be City-owned. The state Recreation and Conservation Office grant does not require a City match.

The play area would be located just north of The Henry at 21st and Dock Street, and would be a public facility. With the re-opening of Johnny's Dock (complete with dine in and outdoor seating options), and the various esplanade improvements, it could be a nice addition to the public space of the Thea Foss.

The grant has only just been applied for, and we haven't seen any plans yet, so we'll see ... 

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