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Laureate Listening Project

Do you have a poem that reflects some aspect of the essence of Tacoma? Poets, from professionals to amateurs (maybe even especially amateurs) are invited to share their work with the Laureate Listening Project.

Lucas Smiraldo, the City Of Tacoma Poet Laureate has launched a program to record grassroots voices from throughout the city in the spirit of poetry. The Laureate Listening Project is an audio anthology that captures the voices of ordinary TACOMA residents who have created poetry that reflects the spirit of place in their city. We invite you to come with the poem that reflects a place or memory in the city of Tacoma that is presented as a poem. Your work should be no more than four minutes in length. 

The point of the project is to collect poems by Tacomans about Tacoma to create an audio map of the City. Smiraldo is looking for authenticity and honesty. In an NPR interview earlier this year he says he's looking for substance, but not necessarily for polish.

Are you a poet? Do you have a poem that connects to the spirit of a place or experience in Tacoma? Why not share it?

Sign up to add your voice to Tacoma's Laureate Listening Project this Saturday.

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