Let’s Get Out and Celebrate Beer this Weekend!

I hope everyone got out of their homes last weekend and enjoyed the sun and fun activities, but if not, don’t worry, I have plenty more activities planned for everyone! Also, for any of you who like to plan ahead, I highly recommend the Le May Car Museum’s Cars and Cigars event next year. I was fortunate enough to make it out to the party last weekend, and boy was it worth it. If you enjoy drinking delicious spirits and wines, smoking cigars, and looking at priceless cars (that I wish I could afford!) this is the event for you. From the time I stepped onto the location to the time I left I was in awe of how well the museum did facilitating the event along with their sponsor, BMW.

Now that I have reflected on my own fun, let’s transition to what’s happening this weekend – Beer Week!

As I am sure most of you know from reading our last article, Beer Week is upon us in Tacoma, and I hope each and every one of you are getting out to experience at least one event at your favorite bar or pub. I know that the Parkway hosted an epic Washington VS Oregon brew off (a battle to rival the final fight scene in the Lord of the Rings films), and Odd Otter will be doing a big release of their new white IPA, which I am super excited about! To add to the excitement I want to make sure you are all informed about Brew Five Three, the final leg of Beer Week, with closing ceremonies, and I imagine many, many, many pints of beer.


Odd Otter’s Special IPA Release
Friday, August 7th

For those who have never been into this fairly new establishment in Tacoma I highly recommend you go this Friday. From the crazy water color paintings of their own Otter, to the friendly heckles you get from the bar, this place is hands down one of my favorite breweries to go to on an easy going weekend. Although they do not serve food, they do have peanuts for everyone to eat as well as menus for all of the restaurants in the area. If you want to step out of your comfort zone, I recommend trying their Ottermelon Hefeweizen beer; it’s refreshing, and goes down way too fast.

Now that you have a good feel for the place let’s talk about the awesome event they are throwing on Friday. They have made a special white IPA for all of the regular Tacomans who frequent their bar, and because this beer is for Tacoma, they are letting us as trusty patrons choose the name! On Friday the name will be announced, the keg will be tapped, and for those of you who enjoy live music, Dave Hannon will be playing away from 7pm to 9pm. You know the place will be packed – I recommend planning to be here a little early because seating is pretty tight, so I encourage you to have your first beer around 6-ish pm.


Brew Five Three 
Saturday, August 8th

This last event for Beer Week includes closing ceremonies, as well as about 30 local breweries and your favorite food trucks; be sure to stop by Viet Nom Nom and get a Banh mi sandwich if you can find them. Brew Five Three will be held on Broadway between 9th and 11th, and just like the Tacoma Farmer’s Market on Thursdays, this event will shut
down the street so you can fully enjoy all the beers on offer without any worries of traffic.

The block party commences around 1pm, and goes until the closing ceremonies have been completed (around 9pm). Since it is the week of the event all tickets will be $30 (discounted to $25 for military). Purchase tickets for this event at www.broadwaycenter.org. If you would just like more information on this massive party check out the event Facebook page.


Color Run 
Sunday, August 9th

You all know that after a long weekend of drinking and eating entirely too much good food you need an excuse to go burn off some of those carbs. Well, here’s your excuse to go run a 5k and get a little color (not from the sun unfortunately) while you do it! The Color Run solely exists to bring the community together and get people to participate in the happiest 3.2 miles they have run thus far this year.

Your shoes should be tied and ready to go by 8am, and depending on the amount of people, the race will continue to release people every few minutes after the initial group starts the run. For more information on pricing and the route, visit their website.


Well, I'm ready to enjoy my weekend - who's with me?

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